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Donations Please

Your love of animals, your empathy for this cause and your good intentions make you an ideal PROUD PAWS SPONSOR and we are asking you to help make a difference. Not just to our animal population but to the overall health and aesthetics of this country.

The current animal situation is not new and will continue to deteriorate unless caring, responsible people step in and take action. We need sponsors to keep PROUD PAWS on the road for improved animal health and happiness.

PROUD PAWS will seek to eradicate the ignorance that currently exists on domestic animal care. We will educate the general public with literature, radio guest spots, shows, seminars and advertising to reduce animal cruelty and neglect. We will vigorously promote the health benefits of spaying and neutering.

Please fill out this donation form and mail with your donations to:

Proud Paws
P.O. Box SS6159
Nassau, Bahamas

Please make checks payable to ?Proud Paws?
Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated. 

Financial Donation
Corporate Platinum 10k Individual Family 150
Corporate Gold 5k Individual Adult Gold 100
Corporate Silver 2k Individual Adult Silver 50
Corporate Bronze 1k Individual Student 25
Corporate Member 500 Individual Junior 10

Time Donation
Can take the message to the schools
Can collect funds from collection boxes
Can man the spay hotline
Can help in sending out forms / flyers / letters
Can help with annual audited accounts

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You can help!
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