Japanese vending machine sells flights to surprise destinations

In the booming industry of Japanese vending machines (gachapon), you can get just about anything in a tiny, plastic sphere—even items as impractical as a mini water cooler, mini cats with desserts, figurines that are "drunk in public", and even panties to put on a water bottle.

Now, you can get a domestic flight to an unknown location.

Peach Aviation, a Japanese airline that largely flies domestic routes, is cashing in on that fleeting exhilaration. 

On Wednesday, the company installed its very own gacha vending machine in Tokyo's buzzing Shibuya district, filled with round-trip mileage points to domestic destinations out of Tokyo's Narita Airport. The process is entirely random, and only upon opening do customers find out where they're going.


The vending machines' draw is probably about the thrill of a surprise vacation— not about saving money. According to Vice, winning the trip doesn't always cover the full price of airfare. A customer pays 5,000 Japanese yen ($44) for the vending machine and wins 6,000 Japanese yen ($53) worth of mileage points to use toward the destination they won.

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