Secrets of How To Train Your Cat: Cats Of The Warrior Cat Family

"How To Be A Warrior Cat" by Zweigast is a new book on cat training. It is full of information that you will not find in other books on cat training. In fact, it contains more advice and techniques than I have ever seen in any book on cat training. This book explains how to work with your cats in a way that will have them quietly making progress without you having to be there to be constantly correcting.

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Zweigast offers nine DVDs for sale. All the material is presented in easy to understand language that you can easily understand. The DVDs are easy to view and offer step by step instructions. If you want to train your cat in as little time as possible, Zweigast recommends using the DVDs for a month before you start formal training with your cat. This helps you get ready for the obstacles that you will face in training your cats. There are only three steps in the DVDs and they are easy to understand.

In this DVD, Zweigast covers how to set up a positive way to play with your cat. Cats have different ways of playing that are completely unique. Cats learn through play and you should learn about their way of playing before attempting to train them. Each cat is different, so they will learn in different ways. With the DVDs, Zweigast teaches you how to identify the way that your cat learns best and then uses that to help you teach him or her something.

In the training video, Zweigast shows you how to play with your cat and the tools that are necessary. He shows you how to pick up an abandoned toy and use it as a tool for teaching your cat. He demonstrates how to use a stick and squirt the toy in the opposite direction to scare the cat and stop unwanted behavior. You can also squirt water from a bottle as a tool for training your cat. When you squirt the bottle, it makes the cat stop the unwanted behaviors.

The first thing that Zweigast does is introduce you to your cat. He uses the clip of his earring to show you where the cat is so that you know what you are doing. Next, he leads you step by step to the correct method of training so that you do not get hurt. After you learn the step, Zweigast shows you how to do it again.

As you watch the training, Zweigast explains more ways to use the tools that you have. At one point, he shows you how to use a food dispenser so that your cat will learn to eat from it instead of out of his dish. Zweigast even shows you how to distract your cat when you want to train him or her. After he gets frustrated, he shows you another distraction that you can use in order to keep your cat from doing the bad behavior.

After Zweigast teaches you how to train your cat, one of the funniest things he does is tell you that your cat's eyes are too small. He also tries to teach you how to correct your cat's stance by raising its legs instead of its back. One funny part is when he says that the way to punish your cat is to put a cat treat in its "happy" place. Zweigast explains that it is not good to hit a cat because it might start to associate punishment with his "happy place."

My favorite part was when Zweigast had to take the cat somewhere and forgot his book. When he came back, he found that the cat had run off. With a lot of laughter, Zweigast chased after the cat and his friend. Unfortunately, neither of them got very far.