The Best Pet Halloween Costumes, From Cute to Weird to Terrifying

It’s Spooky Season, which is our annual time for bonding with Jamie Lee Curtis (who never quits ), pounding down pumpkin Reese’s, and figuring out the best Halloween costumes for our pets that will one-up every other bunny-eared schnauzer at the dog park. (Amateur hour, man.) We’re here to turn our furry friends into 10-legged spiders, scorpions, and loaves of bread; we’re looking for cat Halloween costumes that say, “I watch Jurassic Park once a month,” and, “My cat and I are secretly dead Victorian women.” 

Do be mindful of how your terrier feels in its frills, of course; some pets legit DGAF, but others would just rather not, ma’am. This isn’t Mommy Dearest, so don’t make us contact the pet psychic. Seriously, here’s their site (makes a great gift). Now that we have the important, obligatory disclaimer out of the way: Here are the best Halloween costumes for you and your dog, cat, snake, rat, hamster, lizard, and whatever other critters are your ride-or-dies this fall.  

The best Halloween costumes for dogs 

Make him the breadwinner

Get it? Because pets don’t do shit to pay rent, but we spend all our coins on them anyways? 

Because your pet is a murderer (of your sanity/furniture/freedom) 

They actually do make scratch-proof furniture for your cats and dogs. But until then, consider this their Scarlet Letter. 

Halloween 2

Halloween 2 Michael Myers Pet Costume

Clowns will always be the ultimate creepy vibe

Bye forever. 


Front Walking Killer Clown Dog Cat Costume

You're hosting the Halloween kegger and you need to warn your guests that your dog is an asshole

What a prick. Still love ‘em, though. 

Thrills Chills

Halloween Cactus Dog Cat Costume

Definitely rewatching Hocus Pocus this year (and every year) 

This way, you and your bud can go out as the other two Sanderson sisters for Halloween. 

Urban Outfitters

Hocus Pocus Dog Halloween Costume

Never forget that Goofy somehow had children 

Meta, man. 

Halloween Costumes

Goofy Dog Costume

If your dog is depressed…

… There are not enough tissues/hankies/calming lavender spray to stop the hot sludge tears that are streaming down my face. Also, why does this feel like something Werner Herz-dog would do? 

Urban Outfitters

Eeyore Dog Halloween Costume

Your dog is perma-stinky…

…Or is cosplaying as disgraced Looney Tunes character Pepé Le Pew.

Your dog is in Tame Impala

The less you know about what your dog is doing after the show, the better. (They’re just standing outside trying to bum a Marlbone.) 


Guitar Dog Halloween Costume

You're doing psychedelics in Joshua Tree all weekend and your dog is coming

If you thought you stared at your dog too much before, just wait until the mushrooms kick in, dude.

Halloween Costumes

Scorpion Costume for Dogs

Because four legs was never enough

If you want to recreate one of the greatest internet relics of the modern era, the Mutant Giant Spider Dog , now's your chance. 


Spider Pet Costume

Your dog is cottagecore

The now-infamous strawberry dress was way too basic for you, but you can still make your doggo look like a Susan Alexandra handbag

Halloween Costumes

Yummy Strawberry Dog Costume

Your love language is spicy tuna

Yes, a giant chopsticks costume exists, but it’s kind of terrifying.

Spirit Halloween

Sushi Pet Costume

Your dog lazy AF and everyone knows it

While you can’t legally own a sloth—actually, might wanna fact check that one—dressing your dog up as the internet’s, like, fourth favorite animal (?) is the next best thing. 

Halloween Costumes

Lazy Sloth Dog Costume

This one's for the millennials

Don’t be shocked if the kids don’t “heart” your Instagram post. They never watched Are You Afraid of the Dark? either, so you can be sure they missed out.

Halloween Costumes

Pet Catdog Costume

You religiously watch MUNCHIES videos

Today’s the day you start grooming your pup to be the next test kitchen intern. 


Front Walking Chef Dog Cat Costume

The best Halloween costumes for cats

You're always threatening to eat your cat

There’s a kind of perverse, Texas justice about sticking a plushy turkey on your little turkey’s head. “Cute aggression” is a real thing, and this is one semi-healthy way of acting on it. Can’t explain it. Just need it. 


Thanksgiving Cat Hat

Your cat has the energy of a drug baron

You know that one cat who eats your other cat’s food? The one that poops in the bathtub sometimes, just because he can? This one’s for him. 


Cat Costume Sunglasses

You incessantly quote Jurassic Park

What, you were expecting a T-Rex? Baby. Please. Put on your best Laura Dern khaki shorts, and let’s get our Dilophosaurus on. 

Thrills Chills

Halloween Dinosaur Headpiece Dog Cat Costume

Your cat won’t hate this at all

The thing about cats is that they love being dressed up as lobsters. You know this, I know this, we all know this. 


Red Lobster Dog Cat Costume

There is nothing in your cat's head besides air

To be fair, same. 


Cat Hat Costume (5 Pieces)

 You're pretty sure the soul of an old Victorian woman is trapped in your cat's body

You can’t tell me this cat doesn’t know how to cook a great meatloaf. 


Front Walking Granny Dog Cat Costume

You love depressed Ben Affleck Dunkin Donuts memes as much as we do

Tears! It’s what’s for breakfast, because it’s the original hot drip coffee. Don’t forget the sprinkled donut.   


Donut Coffee Dog Cat Costume

The best Halloween costumes for all your other pets, you weirdo 

Guess we’re befriending a guinea pig now

Someone please give this guinea pig model its own Pixar movie. 


Bumble Guinea Pig Costume, One Size


Chef Guinea Pig Costume Hat

A witch hat for your bearded dragon, toad, or Troll doll

Congratulations! You have now entered the domain of frog memes. 


Witch Hat for Small Animals

Knitwear for your snake

Not only is this charming, but somehow… elegant? The power of knitwear, man. 


Snake Wizard Hat

What, like chickens don't deserve costumes too?

You. A chicken. A dream. A pair of rollerskates, and the runway that is Venice Beach. GOOOO. But make sure you both have matching helmets. Safety first.  


Chicken Helmet (8 Pieces)

See you on them trick-or-treat streets. Speaking of, have you seen what’s going on in doggy streetwear lately? Unreal. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.