What Are Cats Yowling At Night Outside?

There are many reasons why cats yowling at night outside can be considered a medical emergency. Your cats may have some type of health problem that they are not displaying in their typical habits. Cats can have problems with their eyes, lungs, kidneys, urinary tract or liver. If you observe your cat's yowling at night outside, get them the proper care immediately.

cats yowling at night outside


It is possible for cats to yowle at night outside if they are unwell. It is very common for cats to want to seek out a place to go and get away from a storm. It is a natural instinct for them to do this. However, if this is the first time your cat has been yowling at night outside, it is a good idea to get him or her checked over by your vet.

When you see your cat's yowling at night outside, there could be several reasons for this. Your cats could be frightened of a strange noise. A storm is on the way. Your cats could be anxious about being left alone. If your cats are frightened, they will either start to howl or move in circles.

If your cats are anxious, try to reassure them. If the storm is gone, take them outside and let them go play in the grass. This will make them feel better. If the storm does come back, there are other things you can do to make your cats feel better. You can give them a nice warm bed to sleep in. If you do this often, it will help to reduce your cat's yowling at night outside.

If the weather is bad outdoors, you might want to consider putting some fresh air inside. You can buy a cute fan that you hang in the closet. The fans cool the room and circulate the air. It's a good idea for cold nights.

If your cat's yowling at night outside just because they are frightened, you should try to ease those fears. Perhaps play with them, pet them, talk to them. Telling your cats stories can be a great way to relax them. You might also consider talking to a veterinarian. A vet might be able to find out why your cats are yowling at night and might be able to provide the safe and effective medicine to ease their fears. Sometimes a trip to the vet is all it takes to put your cat's mind at rest.

Sometimes, cats yowling at night outside just need a little company. Give them some of your toys and catnip toys. Just spend some time with them. They'll enjoy being petted and cuddled. After a while, you might be able to start going out on a walk with your cats.

When your cat's yowling at night outside don't assume they're out looking for mice. They may just be tired. When you look for your cats, check to see if they have any fleas. Fleas will seek out the dead mouse guts, they can suck up. Use a good flea spray when you visit the area.

Your cat's yowling at night outside can be due to an illness or even dehydration. Take them to the veterinarian and get them some fluids. You can give them something like Oxi-Ez cat food. This is formulated to give cats extra moisture and energy. It's also a great way to prevent sicknesses and diseases from recurring.

Another reason cats yowling at night outside could be because they are protecting their territory. If they feel that they are threatened or unsure of their territory, they will meow. It could be related to their territory and they want to let you know. If this is the case, take them back to their litterbox and block off the area.

Some cats are just tired and need to get some rest. They might have been out foraging all night long and need a nap. You can play with them at night by playing a game with them where you toss a toy rabbit into a confined area. If they take it in, toss it out the open window and let them get some sleep.

If your cat's yowling at night outside is due to stress, you can help them relax by giving them some quiet time away from the house. A place or quiet spot that they can go and sit and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the house is good for them. You can close the door or block it so they cannot see outside, but still get some of the benefits. You can play some soothing music and let them know you are there if they need you. That is a very effective way to relieve them of stress.