Where Are the Cats In The Crochet Crib?

If you have read "The Cats in the Cradle" by Arthur Miller, then you know of the story concerning the marvelous kitten Yuana, who comes to live with her owner, a rich landholder. Her subsequent adventures with men and cats draw her into some very disturbing experiences. But when she falls ill, it turns out that she is suffering from a deadly disease that has been plaguing cats for many thousands of years. When she recovers, Yuana discovers that she has a serious weakness - a tendency toward feline depression.

ygotas cats in the cradle


The most striking feature of Yuana's condition is her unwillingness to be touched. It seems as if she detests having her hands or feet handled. One day this seemingly cruel act of her attacks a young woman named Maia. When the two see each other, they are so overcome with joy that they embrace. Maia does not know that she is harboring a terrible secret of her own: she has a cat named Yuana in her possession. Yuana is so upset about being discovered that she kills Maia's darling kittens, threatening to leave her to die in the street.

The discovery of the bodies of these innocent kittens has caused a sensation all over Europe. Authorities fear that the public might be next. A list of how many cats were stolen is now being compiled. Some estimate the number to be up to twelve. Many pet lovers feel that if this many felines are stolen, then there must be a reason.

There are theories that the cats in the cradle were stolen because their littermates may have also been stolen. Since Yuana was not found to be pregnant, she may have been pregnant when she was stolen. This could explain why she was so defensive of her kittens when one was placed in a separate cage.

The authorities believe that Yuana was separated from her kittens when they were picked up by someone. The culprit was a local who wanted the cats for his own use. The owner surrendered one to the police because he was tired of finding dead kittens every day in the area. He probably thought that the one in custody would not mind if he were put to sleep. The thief saw how frightened and thin-boned Yuana was and probably thought he could get away with one.

An investigation will help in the identification and capture of this culprit. If you have any experience with these types of cats, you will probably know how easy they are to catch. They like to hide in dark places and are extremely smart. Once they are caught, they cannot get away with them since they are now suffering from the loss of their kittens. The search for Yuana is going to be very interesting because she is the only cat in the area with her kittens.

The locals believe that the Yuana was put to sleep when she was stolen from the cradle, but she somehow managed to flee from the area. The one who gave Yuana to the locals was not the culprit. There are still a few missing kittens and the reason why no one has come forward to claim them is probably due to their age - two to three months. So far, no one has come forward to claim the cats in the cradle.

Since Yuana was a stray and found living in a pet store, the staff took her in. They are feeding her with food meant for the cats and she has responded very well to their care. When the staff noticed her personality, they decided to give her a name. The name of the staff member who brought Yuana to the store was Gracie. This was in support of a campaign started by a club called "Pets of Leicestershire". The group wants to raise awareness among people about the problem of stray and abandoned cats.