Which rock festival began as a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction? The Saturday quiz

From ammonia to Mrs Chippy, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

Jane's Addiction Festival Optimus Alive in Alges - Day 4 Alges, Portugal - 09.07.11
Jane’s Addiction in 2011. Photograph: WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy

The questions

1 Who came back from the dead in 1894? 2 Where is a CAPTCHA test taken? 3 Who was the first woman to be paid $1m for a film role? 4 Which island is named after navigator Lancelotto Malocello? 5 Who got a haircut in Judges 16:19? 6 The Ostwald process converts ammonia into which acid? 7 Which rock festival began as a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction? 8 By area, what is New York City’s smallest borough? What links: 9 Hr and Fr; Sr and Sra; M and Mme? 10 Brunelleschi; Michelangelo; Richard Rogers? 11 Up; down; top; bottom; strange; charm? 12 Derry; Hull; Coventry? 13 Sylvia Plath; Emily Brontë; Margaret Mitchell; Anna Sewell? 14 Mrs Chippy; Towser; Hamish McHamish; Hodge? 15 Jungle Cruise; Mission to Mars; Pirates of the Caribbean?

The answers

1 Sherlock Holmes. 2 On a website. 3 Elizabeth Taylor (for Cleopatra). 4 Lanzarote. 5 Samson. 6 Nitric acid. 7 Lollapalooza. 8 Manhattan.

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Photograph: GNM

9 Mr and Mrs equivalents: German; Portuguese and Spanish; French. 10 Dome designers: Florence cathedral; St Peter’s in Rome; Millennium Dome. 11 Flavours of quark. 12 Named UK cities of culture. 13 Wrote only one novel. 14 Cats celebrated by statues. 15 Films inspired by Disney theme park rides.