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What is Proud Paws?

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Proud Paws is a not-for-profit charity that has as its primary mission the reduction of unwanted and stray and roaming dogs and cats by means of a well-organised subsidized spay and neuter project. Our spay and neuter project targets those pet owners who would not otherwise spay or neuter their dogs and cats, and the stray and roaming dog population.

Our primary goal is to spay or neuter 1,500 dogs and cats per year. Our secondary goal is to promote responsible pet ownership through an education program, which will cultivate a more caring attitude towards animals within our community.

We are prepared to work closely with The Bahamas Humane Society, A.R.K., the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and other organizations to improve the lives of pet animals throughout the Bahamas.

We invite you to support us as we work to achieve our goals.

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